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Product description

Super Torf Ltd is produces peat in the Dmanisi municipality, and supplies it worldwide. The company specializes in the production of high quality natural field flax peat and peat substrates. The company has the largest resource of spaghetti (moss) peat, one of the most recognized in the region of Caucasus. Field flax peat moss contains important vitamins, acids, micro and macro elements. ”

Information about agrochemicals

Field flax peat

Milled peat 100%

Decomposition Von Post: H1-H3

Fraction: 0-40 mm.

Dry matter: 600 kg

Humus:> 98%

Nitrogen (N): <7450mg / kg

Phosphorus (P2O5): <360 mg / kg

Potassium (K2O): <215 mg / kg

Magnesium (MgO): <607 mg / kg

Trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, B, Mo, Zn): +

The product is designed for plants that love acidic soils

Packing  from- 250 Lt big-bags and up. Add micro and macro elements as required. Acidity pH  from 4.5 to pH 5.5-6.8.

Price: Depends on quantity and place of delivery.  

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