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    According to research, Caucasus is the Second Greenest Country in the world. Rivers, forests, lakes and clean air - all of this gives us a priceless environment. We, however, have learned that this unique environment, beautiful location, and nutritionally rich habitat, can give us also biologically clean peat and sapropel, which is full of vitamins, amino and humic acids and have very large nutritional value.

  • 2. WHAT DO WE DO?

    "SUPER TORF LTD" is a premier producer of high-quality innovative peat products for professionals around the world. We strive to develop new and original peat products, including natural peat moss, organic peat substrates, soil conditioners, and liquid growth enhancers. Enriching these products with our unique, organic lake mud additive gives outstanding results and boosts our product quality and environmental sustainability to another level.

  • 3. WHY US?

    Caucasus lakes have always been valuable archives of the past. The composition and archives preserved within the peat (including plant and insect remains) are continuously studied to reveal aspects of past changes in climate, environment, and vegetation. The researched content of natural peat is very significant and full of archaeological finds, giving clues to human activity over thousands of years. During many years of tests, we have proven the efficiency of our unique and natural ingredient.


    We use Caucasus lands in a way that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity and vitality, and that does not cause damage to other ecosystems. Our harvest practices, restoration, rehabilitation and, where needed, reclamation activities are carried out with the highest standards. important to the rural economy, as each year many tourists come to Latvia, to feel our natural environment.

  • 5. What is your payment method?

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